Sarah Konrad

Sarah Konrad

Athlete Info

Location: Fort Collins, CO
Birthdate: August 26, 1967

Athlete Bio

Ski Club: Medicine Bow Nordic Association

Sarah came to ski racing quite late, as a senior on the Development team at Dartmouth College. After racing for one year, she was hooked on the sport, but then left it for several years to pursue a career in outdoor education and graduate school in Geology. She returned to racing in her 30s because the opportunity to race in the World Masters at Lake Placid was too good to pass up. After that, she became sort of a Benjamin Button of sport, and started racing the youngsters at senior nationals. She reached a milestone in 2006 when she became the first American woman to compete in two sports during one Olympiad: cross country skiing and biathlon.

Top Results:

Former National Champion in both cross country and biathlon

2x World Championship team member in both sports

Former Olympian